Install an agricultural guidance assistant in your cab !

Simple setup

The principle of agricultural guidance is to provide to driver useful information to help him in vehicle guidance when working in the field. To do so, the driver must be able to indicate the working width to the agricultural guidance software and connect his GPS receiver. Its 2 parameters are very easy to manage with FieldCompanion:

  • Connect your Bluetooth GPS / GNSS or use the internal receiver of your phone or tablet, in minutes you can take full advantage of quality agricultural guidance.
  • Set up your working tools by indicating the number of sections and sub-sections and reproduce all your equipment (sprayer, fertiliser spreader, seed drills, etc.).
  • Indicate the position of the antenna and implement in relation to the vehicle so that the guidance system shows you the ideal path and information about the work in progress.
Configuration Largeur de travail intuitive pour système de guidage agricole

Intuitive guidance

The first agricultural guidance was a guide bar consisting of a sight light indicating the orientation to be followed for parallel passages. Its solutions are efficient because it occupies no space in the cab and is instinctively visible to the driver.  Subsequently, other agricultural guidance systems were proposed as the drawing of a parallel line on a screen. FieldCompanion offers both methods :

  • Free agricultural guidance according to your working width and as soon as you approach a previous course.
  • Linear guidance AB infinite allowing to obtain a straight line regardless of the position of the vehicle in the field (it allows for example to work one row out of two rows)
  • Customizable guide bar: choose the number of indicator lights you want (from 10 to 100) and the distance they represent (from 5 cm to 1 m)

Optimized data management

More than just an agricultural guidance assistant, FieldCompanion helps you manage the data generated by your work in the field no matter how you do the work (no need to first outline the field to know the area). The data is automatically saved without any intervention by the driver.

  • Automatic calculation of the area of the parcel, worked area, overlapped area
  • Save the current task without time or area limitation : resume your work where you left off
  • Save all parameters (working width, last antenna configuration, interface state) to quickly resume an unfinished task

Customizable Interface

FieldCompanion allows you to display the information you want and to set the colors of the various elements at your convenience. 4 languages are available for the moment, we will offer more in the future

  • Change the colors of the elements to make your interface to your liking
  • Adjust the visualization to your liking
  • Change the language: English, Spanish, French and German
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