FieldCompanion, the creation of an agricultural guidance system in the field !

It all began when Christophe TIRADOS, a French computer scientist of Spanish origin, joined forces with Victor CASAS, a farmer from Zamora. During a rice harvest season in southern Spain, they began to jointly develop an agricultural guidance assistance application. Thus, in 2003, SSIIA starts its activity: the company develops applications based on GPS coordinates and installs them on embedded PCs in tractors. Our first software, Track’ n’ Guide, an easy to use, ergonomic and powerful system, was a great success with farmers in Spain!

For more than 10 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of tools in order to computerize the agricultural production process. From the management of sprayers (automatic section cuts, dosing regulation by treatment zone, boom height) to the yield monitor for the harvester and the automation of the fertilizer distributor, we have created and developed a suite of tools aimed at increasing crop quality and reducing costs. Our solutions have been developed right where they are used: in the cab of an agricultural vehicle! Our first users being ourselves!

Since 2015, we have taken over the keyboard to develop the FieldCompanion application, a logical sequel to Track’ n’ Guide, available for Android, free of charge and without any limitation in terms of functionality.

Our objective is now to offer, in addition to an agricultural guidance assistance system, a tool enabling you to have control over your data from work in the field, because we are convinced that your mastery of your data will be tomorrow’s challenge.

Beyond an agricultural guidance system, we want FieldCompanion to be the farmer’s companion and assistant when it comes to working on the farm.

Although we are familiar with farming practices, we are aware that everyone has specific needs.  Many features are under development.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your ideas! We also want to share and exchange with our users so that our software fully meets your expectations.